Hi, I'm Ying. I'm a software engineer and product owner who loves to talk shop and ship product. This is my professional online platform where I document the memorable experiences in my career, that may deliver value to you as well.

I commonly publish my posts on lobste.rs and Hacker News. Feel free to repost or share any and all posts here at your liberty, or engage in the discussion threads backlinked on these posts if they're active and engaging. I care more about getting more people to see my content, than reaping karma.

I don't have comments enabled on my blog. I used to, but Disqus sent ads my way and I haven't found a replacement I liked. In any case, I think dynamic, server-loaded content might not be the best fit for a static website.

Feel free to reach out to me at me@yingw787.com. I'm always looking to improve my work, and I'd love to hear what you think. Also cool to talk about anything else too.