Getting Rid of Disqus

(This is more of a meta post, so I haven't updated folks who have subscribed to my email list.)

I just found out yesterday that Disqus was inserting advertisements into the comments sections of my blogs. I hadn't noticed since I use uBlock Origin by default on desktop Firefox. I'm also not sure whether I have recently reached a threshold of viewers, and now fit some threshold of monetization. In any case, on Saturday, January 25th, 2020 at 11:54PM Eastern Time, I took this full-window desktop screenshot using Firefox Screenshots.

My sincere apologies to everybody reading this blog. I find this behavior from Disqus to be a massive betrayal of trust. This blog has not been monetized and never will be. Beyond monetization, the advertisements served by Disqus do not align at all with this blog's purpose of technical education. Your trust in my work here is my highest priority.

I typically do not make changes to this site that would break backwards compatibility, but I have disabled comments for the entire site until further notice. This change has taken effect Sunday, January 26th, at 12:21AM Eastern Time. I will take some time to find a suitable FOSS replacement, but if none is found, I will post backlinks to discussions I start on and Hacker News on every post instead.