One Item Store #2: Delays

Don't have too much this week. I recently purchased a condo (man, the lengths I will go in order to not work on this app), and that took much a lot of time over this past week, not just in spare time, but work time as well. Good news is, I'm taking three days vacation starting Monday through Wednesday inclusive, and I used this weekend to finish some outstanding tasks to approach this week with a clean slate, and I have a mentor meeting this Wednesday evening, so I might have more results on this app by next week's report.

Goals (checked = what I got done last week, unchecked = carry forward into next week)

  •   Set up local Dockerized Firebase emulators and run local/dev environment with make
  •   Run through tutorial on setting up Firebase auth, and implement an email auth login using Firebase
  •   File an update to YC Startup School Build Sprint
  •   [REACH] Run through tutorial on setting up Firebase fire functions for Stripe payments, and implement a working Stripe pipeline
  •   [REACH] Run through tutorial on setting up Firestore, and create separate URL endpoints based on store models stored in Firestore

Hours spent and what I worked on

  •   N/A

Things I've learned this week

  • N/A

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