One Item Store #1: Start

So TinyDev is currently on the back burner (if I keep telling myself that, I can say it's not dead), and I still have needs I'd like to address (e.g. getting off of Google services, learning certain technologies work is using that I'd like to get more familiarity towards, making money, stuff like that).

My biggest problem is that I need to build something. I have the ability to stand up local repositories relatively easily, and even run them using docker and docker-compose, but building out apps (vs. websites) I can deploy and run forever on the web is still a capability I lack.

I'm inspired by the work done by Ben over at He builds tiny projects and then ships them. After slogging away for months building something that never shipped, I think his approach is a lot better and I want to give it a go.

One technology I'd like to learn better is Firebase. Specifically, being able to auth using Firebase, and send/receive Stripe payments over Firebase, possibly while hosting the app using the same old CloudFormation (S3 + CloudFront + Route 53) combination I've been using for random stuff. I don't think I like using a proprietary, managed platform, but it's cheap (as in free up until certain resource limits), and it has a chockton of features I can use.

I'm not sure whether this will ship (because I haven't yet shipped an app before), but I'll be more communicative and transparent with progress, and that'll hopefully put me on a better track than before.

Goals from last week

  •   N/A

What I got done this week

  •   Set up an nx repository

Goals for next week (by 6:00PM ET Wednesday of this week)

  •   Set up local Dockerized Firebase emulators and run local/dev environment with make
  •   Run through tutorial on setting up Firebase auth, and implement an email auth login using Firebase
  •   File an update to YC Startup School Build Sprint
  •   [REACH] Run through tutorial on setting up Firebase fire functions for Stripe payments, and implement a working Stripe pipeline
  •   [REACH] Run through tutorial on setting up Firestore, and create separate URL endpoints based on store models stored in Firestore

Hours spent and what I worked on

  •   N/A

Things I've learned this week

  • nx is not bad: We're using nx at work, it's a JavaScript-based monorepo framework, and the nice is not only can you share code, you can create plugins in order to standup and connect apps easily. So you can take something like react-material-admin and create a private plugin, connect that to some Firebase stuff, and then just run nx generate next time you need an admin dashboard for the project.

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