TinyDevCRM Update #7: DevOps Depression

This is a summary of TinyDevCRM development for the week of March 21th, 2020 to March 28st, 2020.

Goals from last week

  • [❓] Finish the MVP. Whatever finish means at this point.

What I got done this week

  • [❌] Finish the MVP. Whatever finish means at this point.

Yeah, pretty depressing. Apparently, you can't just publicly announce that you will bite off more than you can chew, and then be able to chew off that amount. I'm also not working the hours I would need in order to save the amount of days that would reduce the amount of burn, because of other miscellaneous issues. However, I also made progress on these fronts:

  • [✔] Found bug that was causing django-admin and uwsgi deployment configuration differences
  • [✔] Deployed local / production environments locally using docker-compose
  • [✔] Found resource to help deploy my stack in AWS using Elastic Container Service, using an EC2 task definition and an EBS volume using AWS CloudFormation (Packt online subscription, Docker on AWS).
  • [✔] Requested and got AWS support in converting this MySQL ECS + EBS + CloudFormation blog post to PostgreSQL.


RescueTime statistics

  • 59h 47m (61% productive)
    • 18h 15m “software development”
    • 11h 16m “communication and scheduling”
    • 9h 43m “entertainment”
    • 5h 57m “utilities”
    • 5h 31m “news and opinion”

iPhone Screen Time (assumed all unproductive)

  • Total: 40h 35m
  • Average: 5h 47m
  • Performance: 29% increase from previous week

Hourly journal


Goals for next week

  • [❓] Read through the Packt book “Docker on AWS” (will have to do so because the Packt subscription free trial runs out end of next week)
  • [❓] Read through instructions given by AWS Support for deploying PostgreSQL to AWS using Elastic Container Service, with EC2 Task Definitions and an Elastic Block Store volume, all defined using AWS CloudFormation.
  • [❓] Update TinyDevCRM landing page according to feedback from last week.
  • [❓] Script the setup and deployment process for development and production environments for local and remote environments.
  • [❓] See whether I can iterate on the Django backend in AWS, and if so, consider coming up with AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline (CI/CD) solutions for automated deployments.

Things I've learned this week

  • I need to bite the bullet on DevOps. DevOps is a quagmire, and I've burned a number of weeks already trying to work through piecemeal tutorials. I still want to control my own stack, and to have that ability, I simply need to put in the time in a structured manner, and that means reading more books.

  • Pandemics suck for productivity. Not to blame things on others, the devops stuff is depressing enough, but I've found myself checking the news and death counts more frequently nowadays and it ends up persisting in my mind and distracting me during sessions of deep work. So hopefully lack of productivity this week is not wholly on me.

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